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The House, Now

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

This is the little house as it stands now.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, partly to reinforce it structurally because the roof load is too heavy (and because the earthquakes are getting closer), partly because I need to expand back into the yard so the kitchen will have more light and so I’ll have some outdoor space, like a screened-in terrace and patio. It’s a shame I haven’t managed it yet because the property lends itself beautifully to sitting outside. The situation and configuration of the land create a sort of microclimate. On sunny days in winter, you can walk in the front door shivering inside your parka, and walk out back feeling comfortable in a tee shirt.

I call my house “little” partly as a term of endearment. With 7.5 currently livable rooms (that includes 2.5 bathrooms) it’s actually fairly large by Fossacesia standards, though fairly small by many American standards..There’s an entire terra level I’d originally planned to renovate but may never do.

The foyer. Why the tiles wound up in this pattern is a long story. The short version is that there’d been a big hole for a circular staircase to the terra level which Antonio talked me out of. He had to improvise to cover it over because the rest of the tile had already been laid.

I consider this kitchen temporary. I hope to expand it to the right to make it much sunnier.

There’s a wrought-iron banister along the right side now so nobody winds up in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. Can’t seem to find a picture of it, though.

The mangled tile work is front and center in the tiny living room. The room still needs a lot of attention. But the cats from next door liked it.

The master is the smaller of the two bedrooms, but it’s extremely cozy and comforting. I’m loving platform beds.

The colors in the master bath don’t exactly match the original tiles, but I like the overall effect nonetheless. I’m delighted by the play of the Ikea light fixture on the vaulted ceiling.

The guest bedroom with its en suite bath is my favorite place in the house.

The guest room

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